Alexis Lussier

Okay, I’ll be honest. I am crazy about watching a grand entrance at a reception. It makes me cry every time! I try to hold it back, but that never works. The couple is greeted by all this love from family and friends – always emotional to watch! I studied under a wedding planner in North Carolina and when I experienced the couple walking into the gorgeous venue, there were thunderous applause, whistling, and cheering. That’s what made me need to plan weddings.

There are other aspects about being a wedding planner that I am addicted to, such as the logistics of planning the event, meeting new vendors, creating the budget and designing the outline! You could say I am delighted when the planning reaches the point of organization and business calls.

I started Putting Two Together Events with the goal of providing guidance and preparation for the planning of the couple’s wedding. The most important goal to me is developing an intimate relationship, to ensure the client’s dreams become reality. I have a certification from The Bridal Society, which provide me the tools and experience to help you achieve your dream day!