Tim Morris

Hailing from a small town 45 minutes west of Philidelphia Tim came to Vermont to learn more about the craft of creativity and how it could be applied to make a living from it. While being enrolled in a Graphic Design program Tim also fell in love with photography, specifically film Photography. And this is where his passion began, in the darkroom developing negatives and printing with traditional practices. After graduating from a small liberal arts college in Burlington, he stuck around to find where he fits into the Burlington arts culture.

Although his career with Photography started with black and white film photography, he is fully equipped with the industry standard full-frame photography gear. This is important to Tim because he is able to efficiently create the highest quality images for himself and his clients. 

During his free time, he can be found collaborating with models, capturing live events, creating logos for local and national companies. Now he is apart of our team and will be freezing your memories in time with his love for photography and Videography.